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Right from Nurseries and Schools to Universities, this is tailor made for you.

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Go global with your unique trainings and capture all your target audience waiting out there.

For Enterprises

Banks, Government and the Corporates can get started for their internal learning and development.

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Lessons to continue in the Paused world

Education With Video and PPT Lectures

Whether it is a text lesson, a video or a presentation, just get started within few clicks and you're good to go live. Lessons once created are done forever, have a hassle free use of them.

Learn from Experts, even when apart

Host virtual classroom and trainings. Connect with your students as and when you want and integrate with video conferencing tools live Zoom and YouTube Live.

Define the Course, the way you want

Whether it is classwise syllabus or a daily assignment or even a weekly activity, you can structure your courses in any way you want and delivery high-quality content.

Your lessons deserve global outreach

Have your courses reach out not just locally but to every student waiting for it globally. Allow students from around the globe as these are extremely valuable.

Student Growth Analytics Reports

Get an access to advance analytics of your students, teachers on their performance, how are your courses reaching out which can be consumed to fill the gaps for an unparallel outreach.

Features that enhances and help you deliver

High Quality Lessons and Trainings

Online Onboarding

Online admissions are the basic feature of all e-learning websites. By adding online admission forms in your website, you are making it convenient for users to submit forms 24/7. You can also avoid the hectic submission process, reduce paperwork, and customize real-time reports.

Assessment Engine

You can assess the learning curve of your students by offering them with quizzes and assessment as a part of your lessons and courses to help them with an holistic development and your course can add the value that they were designed for. Students can track the progress and act accordingly.

Reporting and data analysis

Analyzing and reporting a student’s reaction and behavior towards a course is important. This feature will help you to track the data. It stores all information like the device used by the students to watch lecturers, where the students arise questions, and how often they return to the lecture.

Course creation

Course creation will help you to streamline your process. Your unique courses, videos, and content which gets seamlessly created and integrated. Using this module, you will be able to add study materials on your website.

Skills and certification tracking

Skills and certification tracking is one of the most important LMS features meant for measuring the student’s performance. You can even report on employee progress, showing the immediate returns of your efforts.

Payment gateway

We all know that online payments are efficient and simple than the manual payment method. So, facilitate your customers with a comfortable payment method which will increase the conversions and sales.

Point System

To keep up with the spirit of learning and tickle the nerves of competitiveness, the platform comes integrated with a point and grading system. Every activity performed by the students can reward them with points, just the way it is defined.

Blended Learning

Combine your E-Learning with instructor based learning on the same platform. Deliver an Instructor led training in a seamless manner using the integrated video conferencing platform with the provision of interactive activities.

Enterprise Ready Courses

Unique capability to create Enterprise Groups and private courses for them. Also, sell your products directly to the corporate and enterprise to offer them with your materials for all their employees. They can buy the course once and enable employees to access it.


Have your platform completely customized based on your needs. Based on your needs and demands to offer your students with the most engaging experience. Choose and opt from the wide range of features and offerings to suit your needs precisely.


The platform comes enabled with private and group communication medium to help you collboaret easiliy and have the experience of learning as a group. You can also add friends on the platform to make your learning more fun.

Video Conferencing Support

Take you online live and interactive classes on the platform with the use of integrated video conferencing platforms like YouTube Live and Zoom. Now you have every flexibility to communicate with you students in the best possible ways.

Multi-Lingual Support

Your courses can be in any language, the platform would take care of all of it. Don't let any student be left out.


Access from anywhere around the globe using any kind of device that you might prefer. Your learning never stops.

White Labelling

Use your own domain and logo. Customize your email and have it converted into a tailor-made solution.Make it yours.

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